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one more thing to love about buenos aires

In B.A. hey have not ruined their fruit loops with fiber.

Kellogg’s Cereal lovers out there know what I’m talking about.  The man decided that I can’t balance my own diet and ruined many of my favorite cereals.

We may never come back.

estamos aquí

and by aquí, i mean buenos aires.

so how did it go, you ask?

well, packing was a challenge that lasted about a week and a half. i’d fill a suitcase, realize that there was no way that we were going to fit everything, weigh it and realize that it was well over our 50 lb. limit and then have a small wtf moment before unpacking it, purging half the stuff, and then repacking it. literally, the day before we left, we realized that we just had too much to handle and we eliminated an entire bag. also there was the additional strain, that like gypsies, we needed to bring all our worldly possessions with us (at least what we’ll need for the next 6 months), which in my case amounts to more pairs of shoes that i rarely (read never) wear. all of which i seem to have some unbreakable emotional bond with.

not withstanding the packing woes and pitfalls, the actual traveling was the worst part. “you’re going on a ten hour flight with an 11 month old,” is not a sentence that evokes ideas of ease and comfort to most. the evil eyes of the other passengers were all over us as we banged our way down the aisle. as hubby said, the baby wasn’t terrible but he wasn’t great. there was only about one solid hour of crying, when i tried to put him down for the night, and a smattering of whines and yelps here and there. mostly, it was our tiredness that made it tough. anthony didn’t sleep at all, and i did a few hours of that neck twisting half sleeping weird dreaming thing were every now and again your leg slides a little to much this way or that and makes you flinch awake.

but after it all, we arrived, napped on and off for a couple of days and now we’re ready. for what? we have no idea.

wish us luck.