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it started at conquistador and just got more insane from there?  and people say it’s tough to shop online.

two excerpts

both from the same ad

I am looking for a graphic designer to create a cool design for me that will be made into a sticker and posted everywhere around the metro area from bathrooms to street posts.

which was followed up by this

a new website which will give customers deals and information on vintage collectible liquors, wines and beers. we want it to be similar to those “deal of day” websites. although only regarding spirits and wines that are in the high end of the spectrum.

am i missing something?



Tell Me Please

how anyone could still be using internet explorer 6 is beyond me?  it’s from 2001.  it’s 10 years old.  it might as well be paleolithic in the context of new web technologies. Upgrade!  it’s free.


365 Design Challenge Redefined for busy mother

sounds a little wimpy, but here it is. 365 designs by the time the year ends, but not necessarily one each day.

here are #9

and #10

clearly there has been a misstep

okay, so the 365 challenge is a challenge for the very reason that it’s challenging.  i know that there are likely many excuses made for people falling under the weight of such a demanding challenge, but if i told you the whole story, you’d forgive me in a heartbeat.  let’s just say that on top of moving around the world then moving from one apartment (furnished) to another (empty) and not speaking the language or being familiar with the city, i’ve been stressed, compounded with a total of four emergency room trips with the baby, who is now fine, but was sick for a week.  things have fallen by the wayside.  I know that i’m only keeping this thing going for my own benefit, that only hamel and my sisters even ever read it (hi guys) so it’s a promise to myself.  i will begin again.  and no b.s., i will start again from day one and see if that works.  and i promise, if i fail again, i likely will not make any further attempts to do it.  -a

Day 7 (10/2) & 8 (10/3) – 365 Challenge

#7 is a collection of vases.  not so special, but a doodle and i like the colors…and #8 the logo beginnings of an upcoming exciting collaborative project from the people that brough you mr. p.  

Day 6 – 365 Challenge

coffee, tea, one more day?