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it started at conquistador and just got more insane from there?  and people say it’s tough to shop online.

what my desktop looks like right now.



i wonder if this position has been filled?

i love that someone has taken the time to do this

something i have noticed from my time here in mississippi is that there are two types of drivers:

1. drivers like me that drive slow

2. drivers that terrify me that drive a zillion miles/hour

unfortunately, many of the drivers like me (but not me) don’t understand the slower traffic keep right rule, which forces the crazy, terrifying, zillion miles/hour drivers to make dangerous passes on the right rather than just zooming by in the lane where they are supposed to be.

i think that this site should have a companion site,, to tell people that they should be doing that so we’d have it all covered.

poachers got him

it looks like they got him square between the eyes.  at least he didn’t suffer.


barista dreams. the stuff of childhood.

one more for my collection

home sweet home

required courses

every real estate agent should be required to take a photography course.  seriously.  what the hell?  these are the four photos of a two bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a living room.  you wouldn’t know it.  i’m guessing in order of importance here are corner, closet and curtain rod.

call the movers, honey.  i think i just found our dream home.

Lost In Translation

surprisingly delicious