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two excerpts

both from the same ad

I am looking for a graphic designer to create a cool design for me that will be made into a sticker and posted everywhere around the metro area from bathrooms to street posts.

which was followed up by this

a new website which will give customers deals and information on vintage collectible liquors, wines and beers. we want it to be similar to those “deal of day” websites. although only regarding spirits and wines that are in the high end of the spectrum.

am i missing something?

wow! what a douche!

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My friend is a physical trainer at a gym. Basically I need a website to act like a business card. Her Name is Laine. I just bought no Laine no Gain. com. Also I dont have a lot of money and spent the bulk of it on the domain so I may wait out the entire period of this elance add so just because you dont think you have not been picked yet probably means no one has because, I am saving to be able to pay you. I need creativity. The domain I picked I think is pretty creative already I need you to add to it for me. I think she just graduated with a Bachelors In Science. She is well versed in, she specializes in weight loss, strength training and diet. She is a trainer at Crunch Gym. I do not have her phone number. I am going to present this to her on her birthday. She may want to keep you as a webmaster. Please do not create a code that only you can decyfer. I am going to give her this site so she can hire whom ever she wants, if she keeps you as site master then great. Just because I chose $50 – $500 doesnt mean $50. Less than $50 will get you hired faster. This is basically a picture as a wall paper with her expertise and email contact. Its that simple. I want her to see it as a pallet for her own creativity. Charging me More then $50 will be your mistake I know how to use Photoshop I just dont know how to enter the code on to the page itself.