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i want my home to look like this

love this

focus on the dog skull

so seriously f-ed up that i must post it

this is an easel from anthropologie – $2100 – as you can see, it’s been splattered with paint – very cooly

this is an easel from jerry’s art supply store sans paint job – $143.18

which one would you buy? if you decide that it’s the first, let me know, and I’ll sell it to you one for half price.


I don’t want to talk about it. It will suffice to say that you’ll always find what you are looking for in the last place you look.

is this guy stealing this baby from ikea?


resolutions: 6 days later

1. make my next year’s resolutions on time.

2. be a better wife & mother. not that i’m bad. i’m good, actually, really good, but i think we can always strive to be better.

3. work smarter.

4. allow myself more time for myself.

5. read, which kinda goes with the above.

6. pass all the elance tests for all the things that i can do. seriously, those tests are really hard, like harder than they need to be. i can use all the programs to do everything that one needs to do and i even know the answers to the questions when they are asked another way, but something about the wording and the clock is so frustrating.

7. save money, which is really, spend less money.

that’s all i have now. maybe i can come up with the last three within the next week.

Day 4 – 365 challenge

it’s two, but it’s only going to count as one, unless i get utterly wrapped up in our hockey draft tomorrow and can’t get around to doing something…

craigslist #14


is it just me…

or does this seem a little ridiculous and chaotic as information upon which to build a bid for a job. i mean write a couple sentences to explain people.

elance posting:

We need graphic design for our marketing kit. We want 3D multi-dimensional image. Visual and detailed description are attached.