Love of Learning – Go That Way Really Fast

My new love is SkillShare.  If you haven’t joined yet, they have individual classes as well as membership for a set of available classes.  I highly recommend getting in there and looking around.  This is my referral link

Anyway, one of the classes I took recently was Run Your Own Business: Lessons from Biggie hosted by Marc Eckō. Basically, Marc Ecko explained how he was influenced by Biggie’s 10 Crack Commandments and how he applied those philosophies to his work. The class asked for you to outline 10 commandments from a song or story or item of interest for yourself.

Of course, since most people know that I think John Cusack is a god in his own right, I chose my favorite movie growing up, Better Off Dead.

Here are my commandments:

My 10 Commandments

1. Everyone needs a Charles De Mar. – Surround yourself with people who have different experiences and perspectives than yourself. Everyone needs a sounding board with a contrasting view of the situation. If you surround yourself with like minded people, they will think the same way you do and add nothing to the conversation.

2. It’s good to stand up to a challenge, but don’t be surprised when you get beaten by competitors that work harder and practice more than you. Yee Sook Ree & Chen Ree live and love racing. If you don’t live it and love it, you will lose to someone that does.

3. Before you hit the gas, make sure you’re in the right gear. You don’t want to go backwards unexpectedly fast. Put your effort into making sure no only that the path in front of you is clear, but that you are in a position to move down it.

4. Don’t take a job that’s beneath you. You will only f it up. You’ll get bored and day dream and end up looking like an incompetent fool, when you shouldn’t have even been there in the first place.

5. Pay the two dollars. Pay your debts on time and in full. They will only haunt you.

6. Fix the broken car under the tarp whose presence is darkening your driveway. Don’t let large broken or complicated projects go unfinished. They will haunt you like your debts. Worse, they will haunt you like debts that you owe yourself. They will serve only as a constant reminder of either the fact that they need to be done or the fact that you failed to do them. And, if you decide that they aren’t the right move, that you no longer need to do them, get them out off the lawn.

7. Be more like Badger Meyer. He’s a quiet genius. He learns to do things that he wants to do. Badger Meyer builds a rocket. He learns to pick up trashy women from reading a book. He gets things done. Get things done.

8. Go that way really fast and if something gets in your way, turn. When you are pursuing a dream, the path isn’t on rails. There are a lot of twists and turns and blockades along the way. Sometimes they best way forward is to work around..

9. Don’t throw yourself away over a failure. Failure should project you forward, not kill you. It’s okay to mourn, but then you get back up and get going moving again.

10. In the end the good guy gets the girl, and in this case the girl is the goal. Very often it’s not the goal you thought you wanted from the beginning. When you learn as you go, your goals shift and change. Success comes from loss, learning from loss, adapting and growth. Success is appreciation and enjoyment of your efforts, not a thing.

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