i love that someone has taken the time to do this

something i have noticed from my time here in mississippi is that there are two types of drivers:

1. drivers like me that drive slow

2. drivers that terrify me that drive a zillion miles/hour

unfortunately, many of the drivers like me (but not me) don’t understand the slower traffic keep right rule, which forces the crazy, terrifying, zillion miles/hour drivers to make dangerous passes on the right rather than just zooming by in the lane where they are supposed to be.

i think that this site should have a companion site,, to tell people that they should be doing that so we’d have it all covered.

screw it

if we’re gonna be in, we’re gonna be all in.

introducing——our new truck.

poachers got him

it looks like they got him square between the eyes. ¬†at least he didn’t suffer.


two excerpts

both from the same ad

I am looking for a graphic designer to create a cool design for me that will be made into a sticker and posted everywhere around the metro area from bathrooms to street posts.

which was followed up by this

a new website which will give customers deals and information on vintage collectible liquors, wines and beers. we want it to be similar to those “deal of day” websites. although only regarding spirits and wines that are in the high end of the spectrum.

am i missing something?



barista dreams. the stuff of childhood.

one more for my collection

i want my home to look like this