what to do with all of those garden tomatoes

first things first, let’s clarify, these tomatoes did not grow in my garden.  they are from my dad’s garden, which has been producing like it was fertilized with kryptonite.  my mom said they have been eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and practically begged to come and take some off their hands.  they were beautiful and tasty and i wanted to use them in a pasta, but like many garden veggies, the skins were a little tough to use in my typical pulverized tomato sauce, so i found and altered a recipe.

between the three awesome facts: (1) that this turned out awesome awesome awesome, (2) that i have my new iphone that has an awesome camera and (3) my counter tops are such an awesome backdrop, I had a fleeting flirtation with the idea of doing a food blog.  like i don’t have enough to do already or even have to talent to actually contribute anything to the supersaturated food blogosphere, i thought better of it and decided if i could just get the recipe shared, that in itself would be something remarkable (note the date of my last blog post – woefully neglected is an understatement).


so here it is in all its glorious simplicity:


a big bowl full of cherry or plum tomatoes (i actually don’t know the difference between small tomatoes except maybe the grape and i didn’t measure so for perspective that is a 9″x9″ baking pan)

10-12 garlic cloves split in half

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

a handful of fresh chopped basil (that i actually did grow in my garden – although i have been told repeatedly how easy basil is to grow my pride is not diminished

salt & pepper

red pepper flakes (just a few)

farfalle (bowtie) pasta

parmesan cheese (as much as you want)



now you will see why this is so my kind of recipe.  just put everything in a bowl except the pasta & toss it around.  transfer to baking pan.  roast at 400°f for 30-40 minutes (you decide).  go do something else, like drink wine on the porch.

about 10 minutes before you think you should pull it out, cook the pasta.

toss the sauce and pasta all together with parmesan cheese and season to taste with more salt or pepper or what you like.

that is all.


p.s.  anthony made the bread, from scratch, and it’s also pretty delicious.


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